I Love You.

It is fair for me to drop you home, even though you don’t know I’m dropping you and I’m half a mile behind you.

 It is fair for me to bring a rose to you outside your house and ask you to join me for a coffee. 

If you refuse, it’s fair for me to push you away and tell my friends you’re a slut.

 It is pretty fair for me to hug you and give an affectionate peck on your cheek, oh look how you’re shouting in such delight!

You pushed me away? Well, it is fair for me to take you forcefully to that dark room and make ‘love’ to you…
…After all, all is fair in love and war, and baby, I love you.



Hello there! I’m Shireen. Shireen Manocha. Or Sheeny, Sheenu, Sheen, Sheenz, Cheeny, Pochha, whatever you prefer. I’m  no intellectual, philosopher, thinker or even a great writer. I’m a seventeen year old, a passionate reader, a curious traveler and someone who is so fascinated by these things we call ‘words’, that I keep trying to make different combinations out of them, sometimes making sense. I write to cool my soul and to ignite my mind, and though that sounds extremely fancy, those words do stand true for me. So, Why am I on this site? I have been, on several occasions, pushed by friends, teachers, family to get my thoughts on a platform, and to let the world know what goes on in my head. I’m not sure if any one would ever read this, but if you are reading this, I actually do welcome suggestions, constructive criticism and also, well, compliments. Teehee. I have named my blog “Inevitable Darkness”. That’s mainly because I have always thought that darkness is, after all, inevitable. Most of what I write is dark, depressing, dispiriting. It has a reason. You and I both know that though life can be happy, the world is not a pretty, beautiful and forever joyful place. The world is not a wish granting factory. (Yes, I just quoted TFIOS.) I write to express the minor and major things of life which we deep inside know exist, but we tend to ignore just to avoid the psychological condition of ‘stress’. No, the world has happy events, but by and large, it is NOT a happy place. I sound like a pessimist here, I know, but in reality, people compliment me on my positive outlook throughout every inevitably dark situation. You would understand more of this when (and if) you read my future posts, which I would try to frequently upload. That’s all then, hasta-la-vista. Do leave a comment if you read this. (And please forgive my exaggerated use of commas. It’s in the blood.)