I had seen this end coming already – so ideally, there should’ve been no surprise when I entered that usually empty room, and saw it lined with chairs waiting to be filled and a dead body lying naked in the far right corner. Wait, what were the chairs doing there? Who is even going to come?

I thought that it would just be me and this dead best friend of mine sitting in this room. My eyes had lost enough tears the past 2 years- when they had to see him burn, burn, burn, slowly…. Eventually reaching this grand finalé we have, for some reason, conveniently termed “death”. This was time for me to get down that alcohol, lean over his deformed body and laugh about the times we had had! And oh god, oh god those times!

Out of the 18 years of my existence, for at least 15, he had my back. I can’t really remember the first time I had met him. What I do remember is that the relationship had started getting stronger and stronger during my teenage years – that was when I had needed him the most, anyway. I couldn’t really have passed all those exams, made all those friends, given all those speeches without him. You know, I couldn’t have been the famous chick in my highschool had he not been around.

“Tch, tch, tch -“
That was a familiar sound.

And I saw her walk in.

So this is who put the chairs and threw a party – a party? At least that’s what the big truck full of balloons and I think… I think those are fries… suggests. I wouldn’t expect anything better from her anyway. Ugh, she always wanted him dead, didn’t she?

“Leave, Anxiety.” I said.
“Who’ll take care of all the guests then? They’re all coming – Mrs. and Mr. Panic Attack, His Majesty Depression, good old Mr. Phobia with his girlfriend Paranoia.. I am sure you wouldn’t be able to deal with all of them right now, with your Confidence all dead, would you?”

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