Month: June 2018



I'm going to dance tonight
To slow rhythms
That match my heart beat

And in that moment
I will forget the existence
Of this world that fears everything different.

I will toast to myself tonight
To everything that I am
That this world isn't

I will throw a party
Away from the 'normal'
Because I refuse to be 'normal'.

And at this party
I will invite everyone you rejected
Because they looked, dressed, dreamt differently

This party will celebrate
Everything you deny the existence of 
And this party will celebrate
The existence of you, of me, of everyone together.

I will pour drinks
That you haven't heard of
These drinks won't have labels.

The music will get louder
The dancing will get faster
The pain will numb itself.

I'm going to throw a party tonight
I'm going to dance tonight
I'm going to introduce you to me tonight.