An Open Letter to my Highschool Classmates.

Dear bully

I’m sure you’re still in denial of the fact that you are a bully. The words that you so casually tossed around often pierced through my heart. I cried almost every night. I also lied to my family, repeating over and over and over again “I’m fine. I’m fine. I am…. I’m fine.”

I used to breakdown in school, I would cry in front of you, and that only fed your ego even more. I do not regret letting those tears flow, they were my only escape. The tears that I collected on the pages of my poetry journal gave me the strength to grow up into me.

You could not see what your ‘fun remarks’ did to my teenaged brain. You saw my confidence shatter into a million little pieces, laughed, and were surprised when I gathered it together, and shoved the sharp corners right into your face.

When the sound of giggling when I passed through the corridors turned into whispers, I knew I was doing it right. I felt my power overtake my fear, and I saw my success overtake your banter.

I know you didn’t think much of me, who knew your remarks would turn me into this passionate cheetah with fire in her heart, who knew I was a silent warrior.

I can’t blame you, I didn’t know it myself. Your horrid, hateful words made me aware of the strength within me. I was always better, and perhaps you failed to see that.

So when you now see those quotes about the transformation of that one girl in highschool and your mind turns straight to me, also remember, whenever I watch ‘Mean Girls’ the title reminds me of you, and how little you are.


That girl in highschool who turned out to be much better than you are.

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