Sweet Lyrics.

Of the thousands of faces that cross my vision everyday, yours seems to be etched. Always the most prominent image at the peripheries of my mind, and oftentimes, the very front. You left an imprint of your picture on my life, an imprint so permanent, no other man has been able to replace it.

I have loved you. Loved you so, that your footprint on my heart, although painful, is a footprint I would never wipe-off. I would never be able to do so.

The shadows of your existence have haunted me every minute since you left – your emails and the more traditional letters are my treasures, and I haven’t been able to delete the messages you and I once exchanged when we thought we were young lovers — lovers so engrossed in each other we forgot about everything real — we forgot our priorities in the worst possible way.

I had committed to you and my commitments are always the most significant paths to follow, but you knew what you wanted then and you did what was only for the best.

However you left a music ringing in my ears — a music with sweet lyrics of your pure love, for you loved me, you did, you just loved yourself a little bit more.

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