Month: February 2017

Quiet in the Heart. 

I recited this poem at a Slam Poetry Competition where I won the Second Prize. The theme for the Slam was “Refuge”
This is what I said :

Hi. She (the MC) already told you, I’m Shireen. I, uh, write.

Sometimes, there’s so much noise around us, in our surroundings, that we stay silent inside. While there should be a lot sound inside of us, we are unable to make it. That is what my poem is about.
It is titled, Quiet in the Heart.


Standing in the quiet,

The quiet only in my mind.

In the midst of the hustle-bustle 

Of a city, I once called mine.


Approaching me, I see an external storm

A storm I’m unwilling and unable to grow

Inside of me, internally,

Of stories I’m unable to tell, of tears unable to show.


I am now leaving

Leaving the house I finally owned

My car, my cat, my job

Trying to forget the life I had so slowly honed.


They term it — ‘war’

War that took no time to kill the human in me

And now I’m happily flirting with the grim reaper

Walking towards what I nicknamed the ‘hanging tree’


Yet, it’s all silent inside the heart

A heart I once called my own

But what do I possess now

Everything I held close is now unknown.


I do not know if I’m poet enough

Enough to word out my emotions

In a rhyming whirlpool of words

If I am ready to make you feel my burns.


Are my burns even painful

Painful as yours?

For your subjective pain,

Is much beyond my imagination, of course.


We are together, or so I want to believe 

Beliefs, although I have lost,

I hold on to this one

You and I are still together, but at what cost?