Month: December 2016

Prince Charming.

You weren’t a prince charming

In a shining armour

You weren’t the guy I dreamt of
You were not my happy ever after

And yet
I fell in love with you
With your imperfections
And your flaws
That I was blinded to
And every word you wrote on paper
Seemed to be dripping with truth

I thought
That you thought
That I am pretty
That I am beautiful
And in that moment
Nobody was prettier than I

I felt gorgeous
Because you said so

You said I do not need make up
And I believed you
Because you weren’t the prince charming I had read of
The prince charming I had dreamt of
But you were, after all, my prince charming

I was your darling you said
And the first boy to ever say
“I love you” to me
And those teenage fantasies
And all the romantic stories
Seemed to be true in those moments

For I was in love with you
And you said you were in love with me too
But you were in your teenage years like me
And as you put it now
Your “pea sized brain” and “raging hormones”
Knew nothing better

I couldn’t feel us drifting apart
Not now
Not in the future
We were meant to be

We were like those romantic movies
Crazy in love
Perfect and ideal
We were the authors’ favourite stories
We were inseparable
We were ridiculous
And childish

And when you wrote that one poem that I fell in love with
The poem I got extremely excited about
The poem you pointed out her name in

I knew in that moment
That the prince charming in my books and movies would come some day
And I just have to wait a little longer
I just have to be a lot more patient…