Month: October 2016

Crazy In Love.

I was out of town past few days attending a typical “Great Indian Wedding” with its many colours and even more beauty. Weddings are always fun, and the ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ destination wedding concept has made them ever more exciting!

I was one of the many guests observing the brilliant rituals that our ceremonies have, and on the Sangeet night I couldn’t help but feel the enchanting love that the couple shared. 9 years and the spark is new as ever, as the two are now set to live their lives together, forever. It made me fall in love with the idea of love.

Love is such a weird word, isn’t it? Some call it eternal, some, complicated and still others seem to think it as messy. 

But why do we always expect love to be something right out of a novel or a movie? Why does it have to be a ROMEO-AND-JULIET, FAULT-IN-OUR-STARS tragedy, ending with the Jack leaving the Rose alone? Why does it have to be all about sacrifice and altruism?

Love is beautiful, love is kind, but above it all, love is crazy. Love is a serious mental disease, if I daresay! It’s a fiery passion and it’s a serene virtue.

Love is about giving your all to each other, being the best that the other can have. Love is about the Happy-Ever-Afters of the various Cinderellas and Monicas, and the Prince Charmings and Chandlers. Love is happiness.

Love is about being best of friends, of being the Rahul to the Anjali.

The couple was so vibrant and crazy in love, that the thought of getting married seemed to get them both so excited, you could see the happiness in their eyes. You could see it in their happy dances, you could see it in their laughters and their hugs and their nervous awkwardness. The two of them made the Happy-Ever-Afters seem a truism.

I couldn’t help but smile and hoot every time the couple did something rather cute (which was extremely often)! Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs., to the Mike and Phoebe, and the Ron and Hermione of real life!