Month: September 2016


It was her favourite colour ever since she was a kid. Her favourite dress, her walls, nail paint, bed-sheet, cushion covers, everything would be purple. She remembered that phase of her life when she coloured her hair purple too! Oh, how she wished she could be purple!

She would dream of being purple in colour when she was 5, and she would dream of being purple in colour when she was a teenager. It remained her lucky colour all through adulthood.

She had a beautiful wedding, themed, guess what? Purple. Purple flowers adorned the hall, the curtains were purple, so were the table covers. The only thing she couldn’t get in purple was her wedding dress, sigh. How she wished that could be purple too! She was still childish in her ways when it came to colours.

But life has some really interesting surprises in store, doesn’t it?

You get what you really wanted when you’re over your desire. She turned purple when her fantasy of being purple in colour was long – dead.

It was her loving husband who fulfilled her desire of turning purple in colour.

Here she lay, in her hospital bed, with bruises all over her body. Bruises, that were purple in colour. Her skin turned purple.. the way she always wanted.

“Here, here’s your childhood desire, fulfilled.”