Month: July 2016

I’ll be your best friend.


I’ll be your best friend when you least need me. When you’re happy and excited, I’ll come sit beside you. I’ll be your best friend and give you a reality check.

I’ll be your company on sleepless nights, we will have so much fun together, I think I will be the reason you don’t sleep most nights.

People might laugh at you because I’m with you, they might even sympathise sometimes, but there’s no way you’re getting rid of me now, I’m your best friend after all.

I’ll be next to you in the exam hall when you can’t write a single word, I’ll make sure you gulp a lot of water down your dry throat.

I’ll be your best friend and make you imagine situations that you’re never going to be in, just to make you a tad bit stronger than you already are. You know you need it.

I’ll be your best friend. With you, beside you, always.


Your dear friend,