Month: April 2016

15 Minutes.

The weather was beautiful that evening, and we all sat in that small room in our not so huge flat, but a flat big enough to accommodate the 4 of us. Me, my lovely wife, my beautiful, teenaged daughter and my adorable, caring mother.

My daughter had prepared tea for the first time that evening, and my wife and I had baked chocochip cookies. We spent some time singing our favourite songs and talking about nice things but then I received a call from office and had to leave immediately.

I changed into my office attire and walked out of the house, called for a cab, and smiling at the beautiful evening I had just had, left for the dreadful meeting that had spoilt the time I had promised to my family.

I must have been around 15 minutes away from my house when I heard screams and people shouting and there was a ruckus around me. People ran from one place to another and no one knew what’s happening. I could only think of the three ladies sitting at home and before I could think of something else, I jumped out of the cab and ran back to the place I then called home, but a place whose vague memories now bring nightmares.

It was only a gap of fifteen minutes, and it was enough to cause so much devastation. My house was in ruins, my family dead. A gap of fifteen minutes that destroyed everything, a gap of fifteen minutes that took away my entire life.

I haven’t slept properly for the last one year, wishing I hadn’t left for that meeting, wishing I could stop it all, wishing I could save my family….

Come to me, tonight.

Come to me, tonight. I can make you happy,  I can make you forget your fears. I will be your acquaintance, your friend, your lover.

Bring me closer to your lips, kiss me. I will help you overcome your worries. Through your good times and bad, I will stick by you.

Stay with me, tonight. I am capable of releasing your inhibitions. We can talk, you can cry, I will always listen silently.

Come. Come closer to me. Stay in my vicinity. Come to me in your darkest times, and I’ll be the solution to all your problems.

Find me. Look for me. Look for me at the party, I’m right beside you, smiling at you. Look for me when you fail, I’m here, waiting for you to come and kiss me.

Hold me. Hold me with both your hands gripping tightly on both my side and bring me closer to you. As the distance between us decreases, your heartbeat rises, but you and I both know, I’m the one who can calm you down, soothe you, help you overcome any and every obstruction.

Here, embrace me. Tightly. Never let go.
For after this, you can’t. You can’t let go of me. Your love for me increases every minute. You want to run away from me, but you can’t. So why not embrace me further?

You’re far. Far away from your family, from your friends, from your life that you termed ‘normal’. I’m your life now. I take your decisions, I define your life. Without me, you’re nothing. Without me, you fail. Without me, you fall.

So come to me, tonight. I’ll be your addiction.

Open your eyes, the cold, calming sensation on your hands is that of my body. You still hold the sleek, beautiful me. You’re trapped, and now you can never let go of me.

I’m your bottle, your acquaintance, your friend, your lover. You were introduced to me, and you can now never let go of me.

You’re far away from your family, from your friends, from your life that you termed ‘normal’.

“अगर शराब में नशा होता, तोह बोतलें ना झूम उठतीं?”