Divergent, yet similar.

I was walking along this beautiful road

But it abruptly came to an end,

Like all beautiful things do.

Beyond this, the road had two different paths

Divergent, yet similar.

One, adorned with yellow roses,

The other, red ones.

Each was equally pretty, each equally inviting.

How could I choose? Oh, how could I?

I couldn’t.

Just as I was about to

Turn back and go home,

Planning on keeping the sweet hours

Spent on the road

Jailed forever in my heart


Ignoring either of the paths,

The path with yellow roses

Seemed to cry out loud.

It wanted me.

The red one though,

It was indifferent,

Or so I thought.

I couldn’t decide.

The red path with its fierce egoistic winds

And immense self respect

Somehow seemed to pushΒ me off towards the other path.

For it, this ego went above everything else.

That’s when I sensed the rivalry between the two streets.

Yet the winds pushed me on the path with yellow roses so harshly

That I was left with no choice anymore.

And so,

Abandoning the red roses

I walked on the yellow rose street,

comforting myself by believing,

‘The thorns were too many near the red roses.’

And so I walked and walked on,

Not once looking back,

But still deep within waiting for the red path to call me,

Embrace me.

A slight, a very slight and tender invite did call me,

But it went as soon as it came.

The two roads, opposite to each other, rivals, expected me to choose, but how could I?


9 thoughts on “Divergent, yet similar.

    1. I think I have read the rough draft but I dont remember my earlier observation.. Believe me this piece u have written is exceptionally good. For your age, the conflict in emotions have been expressed in a very matured way.I can identify with this kind of poetry and someday I will share with u what I wrote during my school days.

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