You’ve changed.

You’ve changed, best friend. You’re not the person you were, or the person I wanted you to be. You’re no longer available whenever I want you, no longer at my behest.

I remember those days when you spent all your time with me when I barely paid you any attention, I used to feel special you know. It’s really mean of you to realise your own importance and leave me alone. How can you make new friends? I was your one and only, wasn’t I?

You’ve changed, best friend. You no longer behave the way I want you to. You have stopped trying to impress me. I remember how hard you tried, while I always had other people to stay with. I can’t talk to you anymore.

You’re now talking to other people, other people who care more about you, who keep you happy. I don’t like it, you really just abandoned me. I hate you.

You’ve changed, best friend. I want the old you back. The old you who was there for me whenever I needed, the old you who never complained that I’m busy whenever you need me. You used to understand that I have a social life, yaar.

I can’t bear to see this new, confident version of you who readily releases her inhibitions. I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to see your face, go, go talk to your “new” friends who were actually always there, but you used to ignore for me.

You’ve changed, best friend.


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