The Wedding.

It was a beautiful, starlit night. The wind played a melancholic song that reached only my ears, for all other ears rejoiced to the joyful music that the band played. It was chilly, the wind, and I regretted leaving my jacket in the car. I wondered how she was managing in that sleeveless white dress, oh and little did I realise I was staring right at her. I looked around to see if anybody noticed, but it wasn’t awkward at all, for everybody was staring at her tonight. She was as beautiful as the night sky, and though the stars shone, tonight her eyes shone brighter than them. I wondered if she had always been this beautiful. She and I had grown up together, after all.

Tonight she was going. Getting married to that guy she met in another city some years ago, fell in love with so deeply and profoundly, there was no looking back. It’s when you lose what you had that you realise it’s value.

I’m her best friend, been there since we were 4. We had done all our ‘firsts’ together.  First classes, first football games, first parties. The only first that I did not experience with her was her first kiss.

She looked right into my eyes and smiled at me, that crooked smile that I never failed to make fun of. I waved at her from my place quite near to the aisle and as she said her “I do”, I got up and left the garden adorned with fairy lights and flowers especially for the ocassion.

Today was The Wedding I was most excited about, and today was The Wedding I failed to witness till the end. She was my love, the love I realised way too late and the love I so easily let go of.

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