“Mom, I have seen in your eyes the pain and the longing for the child you always dreamt of, and the child I couldn’t be. I have seen you look at the other kids I can never mix up with, and I know you think a lot about my inadequacy, of something that will always be missing.”

“Dad, I know I could not be the confident girl taking on challenge after challenge, like you did as a kid, and I have seen you envy your colleague’s daughter who spreads a beautiful aura every time she comes over, and I hide in the room.”

“But don’t you worry mom, for I have also seen the efforts in your eyes, I know you’re trying to accept the harsh reality you unfortunately have to put up with because of me mom, I know you’re trying to love me. I’m your darling, after all.”

“Dad, I promise you, someday you won’t have to deal with the same embarrassment. Yet what do I do dad? When those kids laugh, I worry they are laughing at my expense. I wish I was the kid you wanted.”

“I know there will always be something missing. I will always be inadequate.”

“We cannot communicate mom and dad, the way the other kids communicate with their parents, but I do understand the pain in your heart without being able to hear what you have to say, or say what I want to without speaking on, as they say, my fingers.”

“I am inadequate and I will always be. I can never hear or speak and that is probably why there will always be something missing.”

“Mom and dad, I have seen you talk to the girl next door, and why do I feel that you had rather have her than me, mom and dad?”

Inspired by “I can Play Schools” by  May C Jenkins.


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