Taught since eternity that life is a race, we all seem to run aimlessly, unaware of the final destination and that is when, suddenly, life comes to a halt. A sudden, quick, unanticipated halt. All activities abandoned, a sentence left half spoken, a story half told and so many unsaid good byes, life comes to a halt.

What is worse is that while that one life has come to a halt, the other lives do not seem to pause at all. They go on at the same pace sometimes adding that pang of guilt that doesn’t let us sleep at night, as to why has one journey abruptly ended and we seem to keep travelling without waiting.

Waiting? Waiting for what? The wait is pointless for nobody is coming back. In the midst of the buzzing activity of the family, friends and foes, one life has come to a halt.

While there was so much to do sometime ago, there is nothing to do anymore for everything that needed to be done, does not matter any more. The ever moving motivational force behind what needed to be done has ended, for life has come to a halt.

It’s these halts that scare the most, that make you ponder upon the worthiness of this life you keep living, and it’s these halts that fascinate the most.

When the life of a loved one comes to a halt, remember that you don’t have a choice to pause your life for your life will keep moving forward, unaware of the halt that occurred and the halt that awaits….


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