I picked up that book you left me. Smelled its pages and stroked its cover. It revived so many memories. High school when you and I were inseparable. I remember how we used to sit together, have lunch together, and even go back home together. University where destiny brought us together. I remember how we used to go on those shopping sprees and coffee dates and put up each other on blind dates. Your wedding day when I was around you every moment, you wouldn’t let me go anywhere. I remember how widely you smiled that day, all dressed up in the red lehnga and the make up you so detested. You looked gorgeous. That day in the hospital when you cried and cried in pain and then smiled so widely when she finally came. I remember how I held her even before you did. I’m still her favourite aunt you know. Then, your funeral. When you decided not to attend my wedding scheduled days later. I remember how I couldn’t move or eat or drink anything. I just cried and cried and thought about all those times we spent together. That’s when they read your letter and you had left me this book. Our childhood favourite. The old copy that I had lent you and forgotten about. You mischievous woman, you kept it with you all these years after college and let me believe I had lost it.
I opened it again. The back torn, ruined with the coffee spill, and the first page that read in your dirty handwriting “I’m sorry. You are my best friend. Forever will be.”
The tears escaped my eyes and smeared the pages. I wish I knew your struggle.
I was jerked back to reality as your grand daughter comes running to me, pulling on my saree “Grandma, where did you leave the TV remote?”
I wish I remembered. I am losing my memory along with my hair you know. Yet the memories of you and me never die………


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