Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte.

You meet a person, talk to them, eventually becoming great friends and making a million memories. You have thousands of stories to tell each other and so many secrets to share. Then, one day, without you anticipating, its time for you to say goodbye.
Time and distance separating you, for a better future ahead, for better times, but at the sake of your very friendship. Rejoicing the last days, hugging and promising to stay in contact and that slight fear of “What if we don’t”
You don’t want to come at par with the words ‘good bye’ and you keep playing around by saying things around it. Yet, one day, finally, you have to accept that its now time for them to turn around and leave, to a different place, a different life, a different time. It is time to leave behind all those bags full of stories and laughs and tears and carry new empty bags to fill in with new people. You let them go with a hope of retaining over technology what they’re leaving behind. Video chats, phone calls, messaging, you make sure you’re connected on all available facilities, and yet a fear of distance separating hearts along with.
Not every goodbye is forever, sometimes all it means is ’till next time’. Friendships remain if your heart and soul are in them and retain if you give them all of you.
Just say your last “I’ll miss you” and then make sure you don’t by reminding that person of your existence everyday.
Because its not a goodbye, its a phir milenge chalte chalte.


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