Letter to my Future Kid.

Dear Future Kid,
Hello. I am who you call ‘ma’ and I’ll make sure you call me that, because I like the essence of it. I don’t write this letter to ask you if I am a good mother or not, because I am. I just have a lot to tell you and I can’t decide where to begin. Or I can.
I am your best friend as well as your mother. That is something I have learnt from your grand mom. Your grand mom who knew about each and everyone of my crushes and heartbreaks and talked to me on how the right guy will come along eventually, yet made sure she kept that distance and authority a mother is supposed to. Likewise, you can share your pains and doubts and all the stupid decisions you make, get counselled and then reprimanded.

Secondly, I am the kind of mother who would never check your phone, your personal diary or even push you to tell me your secrets. On the other hand, I will try to be your personal diary yourself, someone you would want to come and share your pains and joys with, yourself.

Now that all the personal, emotional stuff is said, here is to things you and I will do, together:
We will read. I will begin reading to you from my personal favourites but gradually I will let you venture out in the world of books freely and let you develop your own tastes in reading. I know what it means to choose your own fandoms.
We will travel. I love to travel and it was probably my travels in my teenage that made me who I am. We will explore new places and get lost and then find our way back. We will do that. We will learn from the world.
Also, we will shop. We will go out shopping experimenting with new styles and ideas and it will be a date of you and me every now and then. We will talk over a coffee and fight over a new pair of jeans and we will get to know each other better.

Lastly, I want to talk to you about what I will NOT do. Your grand parents never forced me to do anything. They wanted me to do a lot, but never forced me into anything. I know how important that is for your development and growth. So, I will not ask you to do what I want you to. Instead, I’ll support you in whatever you want to do.
I will not stop you from making mistakes. Many a times, I would know your decision is wrong, but I’ll let you take it anyway. You need to learn from bad decisions and wrong pathways. I will let you do that.
Also, before I end this letter, just remember, I will, at a lot of times, lose my temper or be absent minded or just vaguely uninterested in your every day stories. Forgive me for that, I’m your  mother, afterall.



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