My daughter’s first love.

After ages, I was back here. In this world of technology, who had the luxury of silently spending hours here? I had a million memories of the place. As I stood there among my long lost friends, I heard her calling out to me. It was my daughter. I had brought her here to pass on all my memories to her. I suddenly felt a vibe of happiness. She had just shared all her new found joy with me. I saw the love in her eyes. I saw her admiring the place.

Back in my young days, my heart would ache to be in this place. I had to fight, I had to cry, I had to convince my dad for a long time.

I won’t let this happen to my daughter, not my daughter, I thought to myself.

She suddenly held my hand so tightly that I was jerked back into reality. She grabbed my hand and ran forward, half-dragging me with her.

‘This is the one,’ she shouted out loud.

I had tears in my eyes. Tears that were a mixture of both joy and sadness. Joy, for my daughter had found her first love. Sadness, for I had not guessed that she’d grown up so much already. I stroked her back and whispered in her ears, ‘Lovely choice, darling.’

She hugged me, picked up that red book and gave it to me to buy for her. I had not realised that my daughter had grown up so much. When had she turned five? When had she, like me, fallen in love with


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