My Best friend

We randomly became friends

When you sent me

That message, saying I

Write well. I thanked

You, not anticipating this

Would lead to long

Conversations and daily chats

And eventually, sharing secrets

You became

My Best friend.

Without realising, we fell in

Love. They (and trust

me, even I) thought

It was High School

Fantasy. But you surprised

Me by sticking beside

Me like none other.

Through everything, you stayed

My best friend.

College life passed in

Three short years, and

You stuck beside me.

You were

My boyfriend, but also

My best friend.

Years passed, you were

My prince charming and also

My best friend.

You convinced my dad,

We got married (that

seemed like a dream)

But more than my

Husband, you were

My best friend.


Life is not Rainbows

and Unicorns and HappyEverAfters.

You left me.

My best friend

Left me, all alone.

The only one I

Used to thank you

For, took you away

From me.

God took away,

My best friend.


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