I “Love” You.

As the world progresses, one would believe that more and more people are becoming aware of basic ideas such as that of ‘consent’, that people across genders have been trying to reiterate time and time again. This poem takes a sarcastic tone to further this important idea.


It is fair for me to drop you home, even though you don’t know I’m dropping you and I’m half a mile behind you.

It is fair for me to bring a rose to you outside your house and ask you to join me for a coffee.

If you refuse, it’s fair for me to push you away and tell my friends you’re a slut.

It is pretty fair for me to hug you and give an affectionate peck on your cheek, oh look how you’re shouting in such delight!

You pushed me away? Well, it is fair for me to take you forcefully to that dark room and make ‘love’ to you…
…After all, all is fair in love and war, and baby, I love you.

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